5 Best Low Maintenance Plants for Home or Office

Are you planning to get your first plant or are you looking for best low maintenance tabletop plants for your home or office? It can be quite exciting and confusing at the same time. There are endless plants to choose from and if you are going to be a new Plant Parent, you might have no idea which one to choose. Also, if you have tried your hands at few plants but could not manage to keep them alive or healthy, don’t worry, we are here to help you. If you want to brighten up your home by adding some greenery but you have a space constraint, and at the same time you want to own plants that are low maintenance, you have landed at the right place. Read below to know what our expert suggests as the best 5 low maintenance tabletop plants:

  1. Snake Plant –
snake plant - table top plant

The snake plant, also referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a succulent and an air purifier. Not only does it add decor to your place, but it is also known to remove toxic air pollutants. It can thrive if you do not care too much for it. There are different varieties of Snake Plant. They have tough and thick leaves. Since they do not have any branches, the slender form makes them an ideal plant for small spaces. There are also dwarf varieties of Snake Plant available.

  • Light – Partial sunlight is enough for this plant.
  • Water – Overwatering can cause it to rot. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch, probably once in 10-15 days.
  • Soil – Use a well-draining potting mix.



2. Spider Plant-

The spider plant is one of the most adaptable plant and very easy to grow. An elegant plant that makes a statement anywhere it is kept. With its lovely curved leaves, it makes for a good tabletop plant or hanging plant. It also has air purifying qualities, which makes it a healthy addition to your house. Mature spider plants develop babies also known as Spiderettes, at the end of the stems. If you want to propagate, just cut off the Spiderette and put it in a pot with potting mix and water gently. You can also propagate the spiderette in water for 1-2 weeks, and once its roots are 2-3 inch, plant it in a pot with potting mix.

  • Light- Bright indirect light is good for this plant.
  • Water- Water when top 2 inch of the soil is dry.
  • Soil- Use a well-draining potting mix.



3. Money Plant or Pothos-

Money plant is one of the pretty ornamental plants, and it is known to bring good luck. It comes in variety of foliage colors and patterns that adds charm to any decor. Good for beginners as it is forgiving of neglect and does well in low light making it a good choice for indoor décor and offices. To add to your decor, you can keep a few cuttings in a bottle of water, and it will grow roots within a few days. It is quite hardy and survives in irregular watering schedules for quite some time. It is also a good air purifier. There are many varieties of Pothos available, so choose one to your liking.

  • Light – It thrives in medium to bright indirect sunlight. Too less or too much light will cause the leaves to discolor.
  • Water – It needs frequent watering, water when top inch of soil is dry.
    • Soil – Use a well-draining potting mix and fertilize once in a month.



4.  ZZ Plant-


Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant is an air purifying plant that needs very less maintenance, hence making it a perfect plant for beginners. It has attractive, pinnately compound leaves ascending from its rhizomes. Each leaf has 5-8 pairs of glossy green leaflets. They will do great if you just leave them alone. ZZ plants have succulent and tuberous roots so be careful not to over-water.

  • Light – They do best in bright to medium indirect light but will do fine in low light.
  • Water – Water only when the soil is dry to the touch, probably once in 10-15 days.
  • Soil – Use a good draining potting mix which includes sand or perlite.



5. Syngonium

Syngonium makes for an excellent choice because of its varieties available and for its fast growth and less maintenance. Its pretty colours and shapes are a great addition to any house. It is a climbing or trailing plant. Syngonium can be placed in a terrarium, as a tabletop plant, as a climbing plant or a hanging plant. You can even keep a few cuttings in a bottle of water, and you can see roots growing very fast and it will add a décor to your room.

  • Light – They need indirect light but can survive in moderate light too.
  • Water – They need moderate watering; indoor ones can be watered twice in a week.
  • Soil – They are quite hardy and can be grown in regular garden soil.




I hope this article has motivated you to go ahead and become a plant parent and surround yourself with pretty plants and decorate your house or office with loads of these. Plants are not only charming, but they have many benefits for your mind and health and they also add to your decor. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting plants and feel the positivity around you.

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